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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 15, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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i am told that it's part of this. that'll do it, thank you for watching. lou: this is "lou dobbs tonight." lou: the interim government of ukraine has decided to move its military for, launching antiterrorist operation. this ooeration is intended to dislodge pro-russian militants who have seized government police buildings in 10 cities along the countries these reporters with russia. ukraine has sent them into a region that is only 90 miles from the russian border and the thousands of russian troops who
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are now massed along the border. the russian military has commissioned more than 40,000 troops. they would need only 12 hours to carry out a full scale invasion of ukraine. the white house praising the measured response by the ukrainian government, blasting instead russia and at the same time the obama white house has made it clear once again that the united states will not provide military assistance to the ukraine. >> we are not actively considering military assistance. there is little connection on my about the connection with russia and the armed militants that are provoking this unrest in eastern ukraine. >> they have a right to maintain the common ordering the country.
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>> russia continues to deny any involvement with those separatists in the eastern region. and today the ukrainian unrest was described as a civil war. while any violence directed at the pro-russian separatist will result in russia walking away from the ukraine peace conference that is scheduled for thursday. the russian government claims two of those separatists were severely wounded in a firefight with ukrainian forces today. turning to the irs scandal tonight the republican national committee launched a lawsuit against the irs to produce documents in relation to the agency's handling of nonprofit status. lois lerner headed the division and now faces a full house vote on contempt of congress charges for her refusal to testify before congress.
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joining us now is congressman trey gowdy the voting last week to hold louis lehrman contempt of court. chair of the subcommittee, congressman, good to have you with us. >> yes, sir. >> seaward decidedly opposed to the united states involvement at least as expressed in outlined by the president. your views on the ukraine and the presidents policies so far seem constrained when it comes to the issue of the ukraine and russia. >> yes, it seems like we have a civil war in the ukraine to go along with the other civil wars. so if we have a policy not part of the world, i am not familiar with what it is. the only sanction that i can he is having to deal with john kerry and that is the only sanction that might be likely to work because the other ones have
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been tepid at best. so these things all happen in a vacuum. the syrian civil war caught them off guard to libya is not a flourishing democracy and caught them off. and now egypt and the ukraine. so at a certain point you have to look at the leadership from the top down, obama, susan rice, john kerry, hillary clinton, we have a nobel laureate in the white house for these i'm sure clinton wants to be the commander in chief and this is the state of the world. so if we have a policy in that region of the world i am unfamiliar with it. lou: we also have another policy that is not clear, documents with information on the part of this administration whether it is an irs targeting scandal or benghazi or the justice department surveillance of journalists. the list goes on, unfortunately.
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so let's turn to the issue of lois lerner, the oversight committee voting to hold lois lerner into contempt. where do you go from here? >> bareheaded to hold her in contempt. but it does provide her a narrow window if she wants to keep that scarlet seat off of her resume. what she needs to do is tell her current council that i'm going to go and tell the oversight folks what i know. a party talk to the department of justice and they can actually put me in jail. some go to the top of house of representatives. the laying aside the drama, there are a lot of legitimate questions that your viewers have about what role she played in the targeting. so she has a narrow window between now and the time that house voted to hold her in contempt. which is coming if she doesn't come forward and cover some information to us.
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lou: one is in terms of a citation of congress we have not produced much in eric holder became the first attorney general to be held in contempt of congress. and there has been no consequence. the second is she has twice refused to testify before congress again without consequence, and there is a criminal referral, as you know, to the justice department, which is controlled by the same people that put her in her job that she has just retired from, if you will. so what are we to expect that will change? >> welcome to the attorney general a week or so ago, one of my colleagues made reference to being in contempt of congress and he made it very clear that while he thought it was unjust and unwarranted, he took it very
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seriously and he convinced me that he took it seriously. she's going to go down in history as having the held in contempt of congress and that is the best case scenario for her. the worst-case scenario is that doj does its job. she has a window of time in austria subdues tells the truth about what role, if any, she played in this. that's all she has to do. a small trade-off cannot go down in history as a scarlet letter on your resume. lou: especially with a professional of the action, i don't quite understand why suddenly we should think it matters one bit. i also witnessed this through
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the technology that we are using and it was extremely inelegant when talking to willie gomer, who chose to say you don't want to go there, buddy. with his finger out, talking about whether he thought it was a plea deal to be held in contempt of congress. first i thought that was an immensely disrespectful statement on his part and i also found it utterly unpersuasive that he had not produced any documents cents. so there was really no way to thank that it mattered much to him at all if they were going to produce documents. >> i'm in the unusual and uncomfortable position of trying to defend eric holder. but i think what he would tell you is that his refusal to turn over documents was based on
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executive privilege and that comes from obama. the president is the only one that can invoke that. and so reasonable minds can differ on phnom penh differ on that. so she was held in contempt by a committee of congress but she has yet to be held in contempt by the full house. that is coming in less than a month and she has a window if she wants to cooperate and keep in mind there was a time frame when her attorney indicated that he was willing to make her available to answer questions. so if you're serious about this, the window and shrinking within which to do it and i cannot promise you the executive branch will prosecute her for contempt of congress and i can assure you that they are not going to. but you have to weigh and
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balance how likely that is to act beyond speaking of windows closing and opening, we have been treated to something that is a minor skeptical as we have watched the chairman seem to flirt and embrace and hold at arm's length the copper mines after immigration after having taken the leadership on the issue and report as we have discussed and talked with other folks about coming up with a grand compromise or even a minor compromise and even john boehner now seems to be clearly released temporarily insistent on no deals at all. can you tell us why he with the
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way the leadership on this issue and be a part of the siren song of the acts of law with the border enact. >> i'm not sure anything has changed. episodically their votes here and there that suggest that there has been a change in our position. but the last conversation i had with the speaker, they are committed to what we call a step-by-step approach and others like to use this pejorative term and means the same thing. we have marked up home bills, homeland security is marked up with it. and i think that there are problems with our current immigration them but i also think that we have failed to convince the people that we work for but it is an urgent legislative need. they're more focused on the economy and foreign policy and i would also hasten to add this to
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i read today that minority leader nancy pelosi is going to pursue this discharge petition. from 2,082,000 and they had control of all the branches of government and they didn't do a darn thing for two years. didn't pass anything. so all of a sudden it is their number one legislative priority and i'm committed to doing this right with which it takes and we have waited 25 years to revisit immigration and eight are away and i want to get it right. lou: it would be the first time since 1986 and i don't understand why suddenly this statement by john boehner as your speaker and leader, saying there's no way you could trust this president in any deal of any kind on any issue and we of all this one. what has changed their remap.
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>> nothing. if anything, his case has been emboldened area but we just passed the enforce act trying to go to court to get this administration to do what we want them to go. there are some presidential candidates on the republican side that i have public conversations would that have ideas on how to bold the authority onto a group that we have more trust and confidence in. in other words, the executive branch doesn't have the final say-so over whether or not laws are enforced her and i had a bill called the safe act which allows state and local law enforcement to pursue enforcement of our immigration laws. but nothing has changed in terms of our trust with this administration. if anything, the fact that so few democrats supported the enforce act and he said i'm going to go with or without you during the date of the union, the trust is even lower than it was when speaker boehner said that if possible.
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your congressman, i want to say thank you. and secondly, having a say, that is a wondrous and provocative proposition that would supplant the executive with the congress on some other group. congressman, we can't wait to hear more. >> thank you. lou: and private buddy firing back after winning a standoff with the bureau of land management over grazing rights. they went to the court for money they claimed the government owes them. however bundy is claiming that the land wants to nevada.
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>> who is the trespasser here? who is the trespasser with the gun? >> some 200 of them and i can imagine that spectacle. 200 federal law enforcement officers and local law enforcement surrounding one rancher. some kind of demonstration, right? well, some kind of demonstration from senator harry reid and his gun at the wing his father's statement that the battle isn't over. saying that he, referring to bundy is not a victim and he's not a hero. i think clearly that if state and local prosecutors look at this closely, they're going to find that he broke the law and he should be prosecuted. and he could've been governor of
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nevada. but today i would think it has to feel mighty grateful. reports that the family may have been behind the entire ordeal are now being rigorously pursued by nongovernment agencies, but remains in detention and objective as a watchdog. on wall street today, stocks bouncing back after early losses. the dow jones gaining 80 points from s&p up 12. crude oil down 30 cents to $104 per barrel. closing at $1300 per ounce. the yield on the tenure dropping to 2.63%. the dow jones boosted by components. coca-cola, johnson & johnson. yahoo shares surging in after hours trading, a lot of boosting
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going on today. and attorney general eric holder admitting to the huffington post that he's moped marijuana while in college. not explaining while he was being so forthcoming, he said it was youthful experimentation on applying for government jobs. he also said that he is cautiously optimistic about marijuana legalization in colorado and washington, apparently he thinks youthful experimentation should be rampant. at least in the number of states. and we are going to talk about squatters. don't leave your house vacant for long, my friends.
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because there really is such a thing as squatters rights and it's a nightmare and we will be right back. lou: in new york "new york times" says that the president should just give up on peace in the middle east. and next we find out if george friedman agrees. stay with us.
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other major international challenges like the ukraine are you joining us now is george friedman, founder and chairman of the geopolitical intelligence form. it's good to have you here. are you shocked that "the new york times" and make such a recommendation, or is it entirely rational maxima i'm shocked that they would recommend this one looks face it, the peace talks that john kerry carried out were happening. neither side is ready for a serious concession that has to be made and frankly we are doing this because it makes us look good and it's one of the problems that we have a president obama's policies. he negotiated a deal without any belief that there was going to be a settlement. it does look good and i think that this time, it will looks good to foreign policy. >> you have to look hard to find
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anything that isn't ugly and one pulse he so where is this administration succeeding? >> when you look around the board, you have to say that they said that policy in motion. they pulled out afghanistan mostly and it's not a very pretty picture. when you look around, and i talked to a lot of people from poland to romania, they are scared to death and they wonder where the united faces. and you really don't have a coherent form policies. and they love to make the grand gesture, which is what they have done. even though the kind of government that is going to be not yet clear view on the grand
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gesture, as he suggests, there is not a grand conclusion and is this him moving forward as he wishes? >> the administration handed the russians a pretty serious defeat. and the problem the united states has is how is he going to keep a pro-american government in kiev? europeans are giving them more money to pay back their debts and it's really not clear. lou: thank you always for being here. thank you. lou: it is time for a look at last night's online poll
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results. whether harry reid had sold out of american interests of the chinese area 97% of you said yes and 3% said no. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is if the obama administration continues to let her enforcement of the law, would you support selected obedience of the law? we will reveal the quotation of the day and we are coming right back spew on wall street post again after an early selloff. ryan westbury is with us next [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy.
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lou: stocks closing higher, a volatile trading -- and revising talk of turnaround tuesday. ryan westbury joins us now. good to have you here with us. this is another remarkable flip on the day and it's not clear to most of us civilians why it occurred. >> you're absolutely right. he seen a couple of these kinds of events.
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today it is way down and it finishes way. and i suppose some people who get nervous in the market is moving around and we've heard all of this talk about these trading scenarios in the market is trying to find level, that's the bottom line. we are not moving into a bear market so we shouldn't get overly nervous and i think the market is still cheap in the long run. so i look at a day like today thing okay, people thought that there were bargains out there and they bought. lou: is that it reflected in the aggressiveness that investors were willing to pay? give us some sense of that. >> i'm not a technician and all those kinds of things but i would argue when you have days like that and i've been at this for three decades now, typically
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what it says is that the buyers haven't disappeared, that they come back when prices look good until i would argue that is what happened. i can't prove that with any kind of technical indicator. and i think the direction of this market for the rest of the year in total will be up and not down. lou: your outlook for some of the factors grabbing the credit or the blame and that its technology and to some degree -- >> let me talk about this from a macro this active. lou: macro perspective? >> yes, it will be. but the driving force and we
7:31 pm
have all of these things that are raising productivity and profitability interest about every vector of the economy. so we want to look at sectors, financials or two today, materials and industrials. i would look at the local kinds of the stock and housing is one of those. because the economy was in never falling off a cliff in the winter. it was all weather and now things are getting back on track as the spring comes and i think that is what we will see growth in the stock market. lou: thank you for being here. and yes, we feel reassured. thank you for getting us there sumac thank you. lou: distinct and as always, insightful. a reminder to listen to my financial records three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem
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radio network. we're coming right back. please stay with us. lou: private bundy and the federal government backed down. but the dark force appears to be senator harry reid. lis wiehl and mercedes colon on what lie ahead and the legality of the involvement coming up next.
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the one senator harry reid. his time, rory, says that bundy broke the law. the federal euro of land management run by the senior policy advisor has promised to continue his battle against funding bundy in the courts.
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joining us now is lis wiehl, and mercedes colon. i think that the reid family is just a little revved up. 200 agent basic on this private rancher. are you kidding me? >> this is kind of ludicrous. we knew that he had been trespassing and not paid $1.2 million area. lou: the fact is that that is the boy after he read. and this is the same fellow and this is a pretty interesting little deal. >> when you look at the law, it's pretty clear. you can't be a squatter on federal land area if that were the case. but you don't defend 200 agent.
7:37 pm
you are talking about one rancher and deal with it on a smaller scale. >> i agree it was a complete pr >> i agree it was a complete pr disaster.
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predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. >> i agree it was a complete pr disaster. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs.
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>> it does have a strange cast to it that boeing would be putting money in her foundation's pocket after getting a deal worth almost 4 billion dollars.
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>> the only way i think the clinton's see it, as long as obama is president, he controls the democratic party and the fund-raising apparatus of the party, and this could be a real problem for hillary in 2016, and so what they have done almost behind the scenes is establish the clinton foundation as a parallel factor in the democratic party as a power center. and that this boeing thing is just the tip of the iceberg. >> well, hillary, earlier this month saying focus on the midterms, not 2016. what do you think about that? >> i think that's nonsense. what the british call humbug. i think they call it humbug. she's totally focused on 2016. if her health holds out. she is running, there's no question in my mind. i know this from extensive reporting from i've done on
7:48 pm
this. she has put chelsea in charge of the clinton foundation so bill and she are totally free to concentrate on 2016. >> well, and at this point, where would you say they are? the last polls that you saw had her ahead about 67%, and there wasn't a close second, and by close, there wasn't anyone within 50 points. >> that's right. >> and martin o'malley of maryland is making noises about running in the primaries against hillary. >> he's pretty much screwed up his chances with that exchange alone, hasn't he? he put together an obamacare exchange that couldn't work on any points. >> totally agree with you. you know, i did reporting, lou, on little rock and what's going on down there. hardly any reporters have spent time in little rock. there, the clinton foundation, brings down party chairman from various states.
7:49 pm
>> right. >> union leaders. they wine them and dine them in clinton's penthouse, above the clinton library, which is -- beautiful and luxurious layout, and they are bringing in tons and tons of money, and money is going to tell the tale in 2016. >> well, if money is the determinant, the clinton -- i just about said the clintons are awfully hard to beat. what was i thinking? hillary clinton would be very tough to beat. and your thoughts as we wrap it up here? >> you know, it used to be two for the price of one, if you voted for bill, you got hillary. >> that's what he said in 92. >> now with chelsea, it's three for the price of one. >> the bargain gets better. >> thanks so much, ed klein. >> up next, my commentary why americans should commemorate the brightest of moments and
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>> so many questions arise, i'd like to hear your answers. e-mail me at and we will share them with all of you. time for a few of your comments. last week's poll question getting a hefty response. we asked whether senator reed and his son sold out american
7:56 pm
interests to nevada in your view. thank you for harry reid's involvement in the nevada rancher standoff. i don't believe in coincidences. ruth tweeted to say harry reid represents greed. he has forgotten he represents the people and not the agenda. great instincts and coverage on the bundy ranch and harry reid issue. exposing the truth promotes sanity across the country. and certainly we all acknowledge we need more of both truth and sanity. keep your comments coming, e-mail me at follow us on twitter at lou dobbs news and go to our facebook page. links to everything found at the authors of the comments we read each evening receives a free copy of my new book, "upheaval." that's it for us tonight, tomorrow, dr. ben carson joins us, four-star general jack keen
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we will see you tomorrow. >> finished paying your taxes is get ready to pay for more because you will not believe this but liberals are seriously talking about a wealth tax and guess where they got that idea? the french. the french. the dice a more? our top story tonight. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. something that will get you fried. a scheme hatched by a french economist that the rich pay more. >> they will not change by magic


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